Despite his young age, Weisemann has been DJing since 1997. His musical infuences ranges from Classic, Soundtracks, Soul and Jazz, Deep House and Dub to his beloved Detroit Techno and US House.

As a producer, his music draws deeply on the legacy of Chicago and Detroit, yet somehow manages to end up sounding as fresh as adaisy - records such as 'Vibe' and 'Slices' are house music that ishalf atmosphere and half beats, and not afraid to take its sweet timeto lull the foor with their charms.

A self-taught musician who plays piano, acoustic guitar andpercussion, Weisemann also composes jazz and soundtracks -traditions which also inform his house records no doubt, many ofwhich you can find on Meanwhile, House Café Music, Apple Pips, Kann, a.r.t.less, Wandering, Liebe*Detail, Real Soon, Styrax Leaves, Essays, Freund Der Familie, Fauxpas Musik, Echocord, Delsin, Telrae, Just Another Beat and especially Mojuba, where Weisemann's music slots together with friends Nick Solé and Oracy to form a distinct, and highly collectible, label sound.

Several pseudonyms are in circulation.